Trips and Special Events

Day Trips

Once a week, we spend the day hiking to mountain summits.  Each camper is part of a group of children of similar age and ability.  Two to four staff accompany each group, including a counselor certified in Wilderness First Aid or Responding to Emergencies as well as C.P. R. for the Professional Rescuer or who is an Emergency Medical technician (E.M.T.) or registered nurse.

Day trips give campers the chance to put their skills to practical use, to explore exciting and new environments, and to gain confidence and satisfaction that comes from climbing to a rocky mountain top or canoeing through a pristine chain of lakes.  As endurance and self-confidence increase, the groups climb higher and more spectacular mountains.  The children learn leadership skills as they take turns route-finding and setting a pace that keeps the group together, while the staff provides encouragement and guidance.  The older campers climb the most rugged peaks in the Adirondack Park, while the younger campers often enjoy the berries and animal sightings they discover along the way to a gentler summit.

Overnight Trips

For many Tanager campers, their three- or four-day big overnight trip in August is the highlight of the summer.  All the skills and strengths they have developed culminate in the trip. 

Each group works closely beforehand to plan their itinerary, equipment, and backcountry menu.  As on day trips, counselors are certified in backcountry first aid techniques and procedures.

During their trip, the groups are totally self-reliant. On the first day, campers and staff backpack to a basecamp, pitch their tents securely, and safely stow their food.  On each climbing day, the campers reach summits higher than any they imagined they could climb.

Each group takes pride in following the Tanager motto always to leave a campsite in better condition than you found it.  The campers learn the importance of minimum impact camping and protection of the unique mountaintop ecosystems.

Special Events

At the end of camp, a barbecue, camp birthday celebration, dress-up buffet, a game of capture the flag, and a culminating Grand Council create a wealth of memories for the camp group as a whole.