Life in Camp

A three-mile motorboat ride brings campers from our dock site in Merrill to secluded Indian Point, the home of Tanager Lodge.

Among the trees and close by the lakeshore stand large platform tents that provide a secure and comfortable home for everyone at camp. Tent groups are arranged by age, gender, and compatibility, with three or four campers and a counselor in a tent. The oldest campers live in two- to five-person tents while their counselor lives nearby. Girls and boys have separate latrines. From the tents, the children enjoy the lake’s breezes, listen at night to the loons’ call, and watch the early morning mist rise. Separating the boys’ and girls’ tent areas are several buildings which house the kitchen, dining porches, shop and handicrafts areas, and infirmary. Surrounding these facilities is a rolling lawn bordered by white birch trees, an organic garden, and the waterfront area.