Core Activities

Our core activities provide campers with the foundational skills they need to explore, progress, and be safe in the natural world.

Camping, Hiking, Rowing and Canoeing, Swimming, Woodcarving

Optional Activities

These many activities vary according to the interests of the group and special skills of the staff.  We frequently look to our environment for raw materials and as a source for learning.  Campers use, for example, aspen wood to carve masks, white cedar to create fire by friction, and an array of edible plants in making natural teas.  Below is a selection of some of our most popular activities:

Archery, Axe Use and Safety, Balsam Pillows, Basketry, Birch Bark Crafts, Bog Exploration, Canoe Paddle Making, Distance Swimming, Drawing, Fabric Dyeing, Felting, Fire by Friction, Fishing, Handicrafts, Improvisational Acting, Kayaking, Mask Carving, Natural Teas, Nature Hikes, Orienteering, Paddle Boarding, Rock Climbing, Sailing, Snorkeling, Stone Carving, Sweat Lodge, Trail Running, The Tree Climb, Watercolor and Acrylic Painting