Health and Safety



Creating a safe and healthy environment is our first responsibility at Tanager Lodge. Our daily program ensures that everyone at Tanager gets plenty of rest, exercise, and nutritious food. An excellent staff, carefully maintained facilities, and well-run activities are key ingredients in ensuring campers can safely grow and explore.

The infirmary is attended by our health director, Ben Moore. Ben, who has been at Tanager as a camper and counselor since 1990, is a Registered Nurse who works in the pediatric and adult Emergency Departments in the off-season.

Advanced medical facilities are available at hospitals in Plattsburgh and Malone, 35 and 20 miles away, respectively, while a medical clinic 12 miles away offers intermediary services. Our full staff receive basic training in first aid and lifeguarding in addition to accident and illness prevention. Many are also certified in Wilderness First Aid, Responding to Emergencies, C.P.R. for the Professional Rescuer, and Lifeguarding. We frequently offer these courses ourselves prior to the campers’ arrival, depending on existing staff qualifications.

Counselors ensure that their campers get adequate rest, eat well, and dress properly. Counselors and trip leaders work closely with the health director to report any minor scrapes, insect bites, or blisters for care and monitoring. In addition, we as directors try to see each of the children every evening before bed.

The Department of Health rigorously inspects camp twice each summer, prior to opening and during the season, checking everything from the food preparation to staff supervision of activities to the proper storage of medications.