85 Youngs Road, MerrillNew York 12955
Summer: 518-425-3386
Winter: 607-339-0264

The Camp

A three-mile motorboat ride across Upper Chateaugay Lake brings campers from our dock site in Merrill to secluded Indian Point, the home of Tanager Lodge.

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Among the trees and close by the lake shore stand large platform tents which provide a secure and comfortable home for everyone at camp. Tent groups are arranged by age, gender, and compatibility, with three or four campers and a counselor in a tent. The oldest campers live in two- to five-person tents while their counselor lives nearby. Boys and girls have separate latrines. From the tents, the children enjoy the lakes breezes, listen at night to the loons call, and watch the early morning mist rise. Separating the boys’ and girls’ tent areas are several buildings which house the kitchen, dining porches, shop and handicrafts areas, and infirmary. Surrounding these facilities is a rolling lawn bordered by white birch trees, an organic garden, and the waterfront area.

Adirondack Park

Tanager Lodge is located in the northern region of New York State’s Adirondack Park, a six million acre patchwork of public and private land that is as large as Vermont. The landscape is dotted with lakes and mountains, and only a few roads access the smaller communities that are scattered across the Park. Much of the public land was designated “Forever Wild” by the State’s constitution under the leadership of Teddy Roosevelt when he was Governor. A little over an hour south of us, the High Peaks towns of Lake Placid, home of the 1980 Winter Olympics, and Saranac Lake, offer visitors a wide array of recreational activities and services. The Adirondack Park’s unique blend of public and private holdings is recognized as a model of sustainable development and conservation.

Upper Chateaugay Lake

Chateaugay Lake has a long and colorful history. The first inhabitants were people of the Algonquin tribe, followed by settlers from New England. In the early 20th century, hotels flourished throughout the Adirondacks, and Upper Chateaugay Lake, serviced by train from New York City, boasted several resorts. The first summer camps, most of them short-lived, appeared on the lake in this period. One of the most unusual was a progressive dance camp run by Alys Bentley, a teacher at Carnegie Hall. Other unique camps included one run by Trigant Burrow, a psychoanalyst and student of Carl Jung's, as well as the girls music camp, Mirimichi (run by Eleanor and Agatha Deming, 1919-1935). A variety of artists, writers, and actors also summered on the lake during this era, including Ernest Thompson Seton (whose Woodcraft League helped shape the Tanager Lodge philosophy), Sherwood Anderson, and Evelyn Nesbit.

At Tanager Lodge we house our kitchen, dining porches, and infirmary in buildings from the former Indian Point House, a turn-of-the-century hotel. Comparing Indian Point today from photos of it a century ago, we are proud to have grown rather than shrunk the surrounding wilderness.