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Winter: 607-339-0264

Special Events & Big Overnights

For many Tanager campers, their three- or four-day big overnight trip in August is the highlight of the summer. Each group works closely together beforehand to plan their itinerary, equipment, and backcountry menu.

During their trip, the groups are totally self-reliant. One the first day, campers and their staff backpack or paddle to a secluded base camp, pitch their tents securely, and safely stow their food. On the climbing days, the groups reach summits higher than any they imagined they could climb.

Each group takes pride in following the Tanager motto always to leave a campsite in better condition than you found it.

As on day trips, counselors are certified in backcountry first aid techniques and procedures.

All the adventures each hiking group has shared over the summer as well as all the skills and strengths they have developed culminate in the big overnight.

At the end of camp, a talent show, dress-up buffet, barbecue, and final Grand Council create a wealth of closing memories for the camp group as a whole.